Business Owners

Stop Spending Thousands Every Month
On Credit Card Processing!

Unlimited Processing for just
$65 a month

Business Owners… The card processing rules have changed. You are no longer required state or federally to pay credit card processing fees.

Now you can stop paying your high credit card processing fees and pay a flat rate of $65 a month for unlimited processing.

No other fees to you, when your customers pay with one of their cards.

Ask yourself this question. How much of your business wealth do I pay every month on card processing fees? And what does that equal per year?

If you’re like most businesses, you pay $2,000 to $20,000 a month which adds up to $24,000 to $240,000 a year in processing fees.

That’s $72,000 to $720,000 in processing fees in as little as three years.

Couldn’t you use those funds for something else in your business or personal life?

For a flat $65 a month, you receive unlimited processing. Whether it’s $20,000 a month or $500,000 a month in card processing, it is only sixty five dollars a month to you! No other fees.

Getting Started is simple and easy.

Call 800-270-9285 and start the savings today!

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    Getting Started is simple and easy.

    Call 800-270-9285 and start the savings today!


    Our program is legally compliant on state and federal levels.


    There are no start-up fees, no card transaction fees, no equipment fees, no hidden fees and no cancellations fees.


    You do not have to cancel your current and expensive credit card processor to set up BlueYonder. * Most businesses do cancel their current processor within the first month. But it is not a requirement.


    Our easy to use web based Virtual Terminal allows you to take payments
    from any computer, tablet or smartphone.


    Take payments through emailed invoices, or our online payment portal
    provided for your website.

    No Hardware required and PCI Compliant.

    Fully equipped for ACH/electronic check processing.

    Holds and tokenizes customer card and banking data
    for repeat and recurring payments.

    Print or email receipts with full transaction

    Supports multi-locations with unique roles and

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    Getting Started

    Call one of our account specialists and start your savings today.
    Don’t let another month of paying thousands go by.

    Start the savings today call 800-270-9285

    Or fill in the email form and one of our account specialists will contact you direct.